Friday, July 19, 2013

Time for my Ten

       Time for the Ten Things I've learned this week.

1) No matter how much I yell, jump up and down saying "NO NO NO!" my dog will continue to try and eat bees.

2) I'm a Twit-ter er. I did it. I jumped into the tweety pool.   

3) There are Christmas decorations out at the craft store. I kid you not.  Proof right here...
 We're still in July...right?  Yipes! I learned it's getting earlier and earlier every year until one day, they just won't ever take it down. Christmas is my favorite holiday. But ,come on!! I should stick blow up Santa out in the yard since we're starting the season so early.

4) These are really really good if I don't feel like being the domestic goddess/ Betty Crocker I usually am (eh hem..not) and don't feel like making them. It's Trader Joes Extra Chip chocolate chip cookies.
I ate one or three or half the bowl. Whatever. 
soooo good!

5) Trying to pick out house paint colors with my husband can really bring out the beast in me. Am I really that snarky and impossible to deal with? "No, I do not want my house to look like a flag." "Well, don't paint the door red" he says. I say.."I want a red door." You know I want a red door, I've talked about it for weeks. You don't want a red door, that's it right there. *gasp* You don't like red doors!" *pause* "You don't love me?" Because somehow a red door and his love for me are related. Who. knew.

6) I've been playing around with resin and I think I like it! Not a big learning curve to it and it can make some neato stuff. I'll be posting some of that soon.

7) If you know better, you do better. If you do better you'll be better. 
Or, know butter be butter do butter be butter. 
Say that 5 times real fast! 

8) I need to let go of my son. It's time for him to start being totally responsible and face consequences, but geez! that's hard.  I've been teaching him action- reaction and cause and effect. Those two concepts can change your life if you can get grip on them. Simple stuff but how many people do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Albert Einstein's definition of insanity. Learn grasshopper..learn.

9) I love reality shows. Have you seen the new ones out? I've discovered these two and I'm lovin it!
And this one. Seriously, can't stop watching.
I've learned nothing from them but I sure as hell won't be caught naked on some island with a stranger, I won't eat worms and I would not get out alive. So, I guess I learned three things.
Super entertaining! Love Bear!

10) Sometimes, when your with family, you need to eat the cold weenie.

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