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Hi! I'm Meredith and this is my blog...A Little of This and That.  It's a place to share a bit about my life and the things I like to do. I hope it's a place you'll find enjoyable and you'll stay awhile.
goofy little picture of me kayaking

Soooo a little bit of this and that about me...
I'm a stay at home Mom to a son who just turned 13. I now have a teenager and I ask myself all the time "How did this happen?" Time just flies by, doesn't it?

I love to craft and sew but I also go in spurts on that front. There are times when I can't get enough and times where my creative juices have just about dried up. That's why I love reading blogs. Especially creative ones. So much fun and helps spur creativity.

 I enjoy cooking and baking. Oh man...I have a HUGE sweet tooth and cookies are one of my favorites.

                                          I also love being outside or in/on the water, or both.

                                               Gardening and flowers are high up on the list too.

 I LOVE animals and have too many. Wait. Can you have to many? Wait. That was a dumb question. 
My pups Chelsea and Tucker. I also have two birds and a guinea pig.

 Taking pictures is a lot of fun.
 I tend to be a Jane of all trades and master of none of them.

I'm a bit of a boring person but boring isn't so bad, unless you ask my husband. He an I are complete opposites as he's more fast paced and I'm more...how do I say it...turtle like. I once enjoyed that fast paced life but as I've gotten older, the slower things are more appealing like reading, gardening, sitting at the beach or an enjoyable hike in the woods. I like to take in my surroundings.

 I do have a guilty pleasure though. Reality TV. I loooove me some reality TV. 

I've been a SAHM for the last 13 years but before that I was a hairdresser and had my own business. To be honest? I don't miss it but I do miss the friends I made over the years.

 My husband and I have only one child but that wasn't the plan as I had planned on having many. Well, maybe three or four.(LOL!) but sometimes what you expect and what happens don't intersect.

at the beach last year, camping

 I have one little boy, who won't be so little here soon, who is an amazing human being.  I feel blessed every single moment knowing that he's in it.  He's a light in our lives and a blessing every. single. day.

  I'm married to a pretty awesome guy. We met and married in 8 months and looking back we barely knew each other. Haha! We both have a devoted faith to Jesus Christ as we are both Christians. It's a very big part of our relationship with each other and as individuals. Although, we've been through a lot, we're going to be celebrating our 16th year anniversary soon.
My hubs and our son.
Now that my life is changing a bit and I have more time for me, I thought I would get serious about this blog of mine and try and meet some new friends while getting my creative juices flowing.  I would love to get to know you and I hope you stay awhile and chat. ;0)

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