Monday, July 1, 2013

Reusable produce bag

It's going to be a scorcher today and for those us not used to these I melt. I wanted to get some crafting in since I'll be hanging out inside most of the day.
I had some stash laying around I wanted to use up and really needed some reusable produce sacks.  I really try my best to cut down on my plastic use and reuse and recycle when I can. This bag was easy to make and will suit its purpose.
I cut a 16 1/2" ×13 piece of tulle. The 13" on the fold. I used the tulle that's a bit more stiff with larger holes. Sewed up both sides twice with a smaller stitch so it'll be strong. But first, I sewed up one side then added the binding to the top and tucked the black nylon cord from an old sleeping bag through the binding then sewed up the other side to make a little bag. I now have a produce bag. Not a thing of beauty but will serve it's purpose and super cheap to make. Quick too. I most definitely will be making more of these for myself and family and friends.  Anyone wanting a more detailed tute I will surely write one up. to the couch with a popsicle and a movie.


  1. This is awesome. If I was only that crafty! i think you need these on Etsy :)

  2. aww..thanks! they're no so pretty but it works great!


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