Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I love this time of year as we have the most beautiful sunsets. This is from my bedroom window. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Book!

If anyone has a Kindle I have a deal for you! A free book that's excellent!! It's part of a trilogy and you won't be disappointed.

The Hawk and His Boy

go here and read about it and download.

You'll love it...if you don't? I'll personally refund your money.....

But wait! IT'S FREE!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft Slump and Butterflies..

Oh dear...I've been pretty melancholy lately. That's kind of an oxymoron..pretty and melancholy..LOL ;0) Anyhoots, been blah. The worst of it is that I've been in a real craft slump. Part of it, I'm sure, is my stuff packed away while we're finishing my sons room. Once I have access to it all my slump will be over...I hope.
I enjoy making dolls. One of my favorite things to do and something I think I'm good at. I've been sooo inspired by the dolls on Craftster. SpookyPooky is one of my favorite artists on Craftster. I love her dolls and all the other things that she makes. lazy.jane is another doll artist that I love. And! lanikins who is AMAZING!! They're so inspiring. Being in a slump kinda sucks but when you have Craftster and those wonderful artists to inspire you...keeps ya going.

We did make a trip to the Pacific Science Center this past weekend. My son and I did it as a reward for "unplugging" from all technological devices for three days. NO TV, video games, computer (ACK!)..nothing. Unfortunately,our lives seem to revolve around those few things. I didn't think we could do it. But, I'll tell you... We had a great time! Not one argument. We played together a ton. Enjoyed each others company. We loved it! No zoning out and not really living. No living in a virtual reality. It's a little sad how these things have taken over our lives. But since these wonderful three days, we're putting up some really healthy boundaries concerning these things. WE want to live in our lives not live in a virtual reality. Nuf said.
The Pacific Science Center is pretty fun. One of the most exciting (to me and my boy) is the butterfly exhibit. Hundreds of beautiful butterflies fly around in a little tropical area. It was warm and smelled just like Hawaii! Butterflies are hard to photograph but I did get a few..

Oh wait! That's not a Butterfly.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The Hubs decided to take a couple of vacation days off from work so we decided to go somewhere to hike. I love Snoqualmie Falls and the hike down to the bottom of the falls is a real easy one and quite beautiful. So..that's where we went!
The falls were running full and it was just beautiful. As you walk up to them, before you see them, you can hear the rumble and almost feel it under your feet. It was a spectacular site. I've been there when the falls have been just a trickle so this was a wonderful site to see.
Unfortunately, the hike down to the bottom was closed. That was a disappointment but we found another place to hike around. They had a place, a short walk east of the of the falls, that had some great trails.
Got a few mosquito bites. That's always fun.
That's my Chelsea..loving the wilderness. Probably loving the horsey smell she picked up even more. :0)
Mah boy. He wasn't as thrilled about our jaunt. About 5 minutes after this picture was taken he ran up ahead to find my Hubs..(he's always in a big hurry. Me? Quite the opposite, so if anyone ever hikes with me, you don't get there fast ;0)) anyhoots! He ran up ahead, tripped on a rock and twisted his ankle. Poor kid. He was able to walk out but now he's on the couch with his foot in the air and milking it for all it's worth.
It was a beautiful day though!
A last picture of my hydrangeas. I love my hydrangeas. We put a screen up since the hot sun was burning my flowers. Put it in the wrong spot years ago. They need least this particular variety does. It's sooo much happier now. And so am I.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A little bite of Heaven...

Do I have a recipe for you!
My hubs and I were invited over to a friends for dinner the other night and the host is gluten intolerant. They were cooking a wonderful Mexican meal and I was wanting to bring over a gluten free dessert. I'm not the greatest cook in the world..I usually burn it, over cook it, or mess up on measurements, so I was a little intimidated venturing out and trying to make something gluten free. "No flour?" you want your friends to think you went to culinary school specializing in desserts? How about having your friends and family raving about what an awesome cook you are!! Make this....

It is sooooooo easy! And it tastes like something you get in a restaurant! NO KIDDING!!! I got the recipe from here but I'll lay it all out for ya. This is the recipe from allrecipes I've added what I did different in parenthesis and added my own pictures ..Flourless Chocolate Cake
Ingredients and directions..

1/2 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup white sugar
18 (1 ounce) squares bittersweet chocolate
1 cup unsalted butter
6 eggs


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Grease one 10 inch round cake pan and set aside.
(I greased the pan and dusted it with powdered cocoa...and here is the chocolate squares I used)

In a small saucepan over medium heat combine the water, salt and sugar. Stir until completely dissolved and set aside.

Either in the top half of a double boiler or in a microwave oven melt the bittersweet chocolate. Pour the chocolate into the bowl of an electric mixer.

Cut the butter into pieces and beat the butter into the chocolate, 1 piece at a time. Beat in the hot sugar-water. Slowly beat in the eggs, one at a time.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Have a pan larger than the cake pan ready, put the cake pan in the larger pan and fill the pan with boiling water halfway up the sides of the cake pan.

Bake cake in the water bath at 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) for 45 minutes. The center will still look wet. Chill cake overnight in the pan. To unmold, dip the bottom of the cake pan in hot water for 10 seconds and invert onto a serving plate.

( I used a 9" pan and cooked it for about 8-10 minutes longer. I used the jiggle method..if it looked too jiggly I left it in for a little longer. Make sure and chill it over's a lot better good and chilled.)

This was sooo incredibly good and super easy. It's really rich and creamy. Melts in your mouth and hits that sweet spot! I hope you try it.