Wednesday, April 2, 2014

See the Beauty around you...

Do you ever lose focus on the beauty around you?

I live in such a beautiful state with beauty all around me, yet I miss it at times. I think I've gotten used to it and don't pay attention anymore because everyday things in life get to be more important than stopping and smelling the roses. I don't want to live like that anymore since time flies so fast! The older you get the faster it goes and I know I've got to change some things in a more positive direction so I'll have no regrets.

 I've been trying to live in a mindful way and being more aware of what is around me, the beauty and all that comes with that.  I know when I focus on the good  and the beautiful my heart seems to calm down and I find my mind gets more peaceful.
 I can get pretty hung up on negativity. I also believe I put to high of expectations on people. When I take a walk, since I live in the suburbs, I get so disappointed by the way people treat the environment around them and I tend to focus on that instead of looking past it and seeing the beauty around me. I want to make that thought process more positive and productive and possibly carry a little plastic grocery bag with me to pick up garbage when I see it around. ;0)

I have company on my walks.

These guys- well, the blond is a girl - Chelsea and Tucker. They're pleased to meet you.

I'm making it my goal to take in the beauty around me. To smell of fresh air. The birds singing. ( Oh dear, I feel a belt of song welling up in me..."THE HIIIIILLLLS ARE ALLLLIIIVVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUUUUUSICCC! (ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh) ) Whew! I couldn't hold it in.  Too bad I'd fall on my rear if I tried to spin around )
 Anyhoo!  I love birds! I loved feeding them, but had to quit for a time because of some rodent problems. It seems the problem may have been resolved so, hopefully, feeding the birds will be something I can do again.

 Here's a little hummingbird I captured with my camera. So flipping cute.

When I see the beauty around me and little miracles like that little hummingbird above, it makes me take a deep breath and settle into my soul. It's almost like discovering who you really are, deep down. I think we're meant to live beautifully, see and hear beautifully, love beautifully. Lots to ponder on today.

That's from my bedroom window. Taking a deep breath.