Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day..

I come from a military family. My Dad was a career Marine who fought in Vietnam. All my cousins have served as well. I have a great uncle that was killed in the attack of Pearl Harbor. I'm grateful for all that they have fought for and protected. I'm thankful for my country. I'm thankful for all those who serve in our military. Stay safe and come home soon...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beach day!

Today was the first beach day of the year. It was warm and the wind wasn't blowing too hard. I took some pictures to share with you.
Here are my guys....
looking for creatures....
BRRRRR! the water is cooold! But yes..there were ladies there in their biskinny's AND in the water..only in the Northwest. LOL!
I liked this picture...
and lastly..

I would have loved to have been aboard. ;0) Hope your all enjoying this holiday weekend remembering our veterans and all they've done for our country.
I'm One Proud American.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Trying new things...

I picked up PolymerCafe' magazine the other day and I was so excited to see one of my most favorite clay artists had an article about her AND a tutorial on how to make one of her pieces! Her name is Dawn Schiller. If you haven't seen her work, don't miss out on her makings. You can find her here at oddfae... this site has all her web addy's, etsy and many good things to check out. Check out the mag too!

Well. I'm going to try the tutorial! EEP! I've only made little miniature cakes and donuts, this is going to be a bit further out of my comfort zone. That's ok though. Trying new things is good! If I could just get my perfectionism out of the way. UGH! I love her pieces and thought it would be a hoot to have little goblins and elves peeping out of cute places in my home. She has some books I'm excited to get as well. Starting with Clancy and getting my feet wet in the world of polymer clay should be a good start for me. Here's Clancy....
She gives step by step instructions...I do think I can do it! I don't have access to the form she uses and I'm too impatient to wait for an order to come, so I'll find something to put his cute little face on. I'm off to the craft store to pick up some polymer clay and hopefully, working on it this weekend, I'll have a cute little man's face and a desire to do more. Yay! Excited!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm wanting to try some weekly themes for my blog. I thought a great way to start would be Thursday's being Thankful Thursdays. Being thankful for even the silly things can be healing..I think..
Today I'm thankful for:

My family...the people I learn to love and laugh with. I'm thankful for love and laughing. Laughter is good medicine.


I love Strawberries. Anything strawberry really. Strawberries remind me of summer coming and warm weather and sunshine, which means hiking and trips to the beach. I'm thankful for all those things. Those things make me really happy to be alive.

hmmmmm....peppermint's a stomach settler. It's a good thing.

Friends...Have I told ya'll lately, I have some awesome friends?

Being creative...I wish everyone would tap into their creative side. It's like seeking out another part of your soul that stays hidden until you get glue, scissors, fabric, paper, beads etc. in your hands and suddenly that part awakens!

I'm thankful for her...

yeah...don't mind the stink eye..she got shy all of a sudden. This girl..whenever I feel a bit blue she's always there to love on me. She's always happy to see me...even at 2:00am.

and these socks...
They have little sunshines on even though the weather here is dumping buckets..I can still walk around spreading sun shine. Obligatory dog butt in the background.
What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to do..what to do....

I had a dilemma today. My son's birthday party was on Saturday and I'd made a five layer chocolate cake, which was delish but I had all this leftover frosting that I didn't want to throw away. I put it in a container on the counter, which makes such a huge temptation for those trying to eat better. I did well today but had a chocolate what does one do with this?

This. Chocolate craving satisfied.

My mom used to put graham crackers and frosting in our lunch growing up. Not only was my chocolate craving satisfied I was able to have a bit of childhood nostalgia thrown in as well. Calories still stay the same though...;0/

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We all need a little love....

Sometimes...when I'm feeling particularly blue. Like today. Feeling a little unloved, unappreciated and just a bit sad.
Some say to look up....I look down.

My sweet little furry babies...they love unconditionally...appreciate every little pet or treat and make me a lot happier.