Thursday, June 27, 2013

Out with the old in with the new...

A couple of weeks ago I got the call I never want to get.
My husband drives around 50 miles to and from work everyday and I always fear the call..."your husband has been in and accident." Well, I got the call but it was my husband and he said.."I was in an accident". Thank God! he was OK! but his car was pretty beaten up. He knocked his head pretty hard on the headrest and came away with a pretty bad headache but otherwise, the car did what is was supposed to do. Protected my guy.

My husband was stopped behind traffic on the freeway. The woman who hit him was distracted and plowed into him. That shoved him into the guy in front of him.
It totaled his car.
The impact was absorbed by the car and it did what it was supposed to do. But, the impact from both ends messed up the insides and the frame. It wouldn't stay in drive.  I felt so bad for my husband, but so glad he was OK. He loved this car and took great care of it.
It was paid off and ran beautifully. NO car payments!! 
Well, until now.
This is what he's looking at now.
Now my freeway worry factor is going to skyrocket.
Yay! car payments.

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