Monday, June 17, 2013

My Garden

I'm loving my garden this year. Done organically, and after all the hard work, it's paying off. We've lived here about 8 years and when we moved in, I was excited about the size of yard. It's small. In our last home, my yard was too big and a lot of work. I was excited to do something on a smaller scale but, as I soon found out, our yard was a great big drainage ditch for the hill behind and the houses to the left of us which are higher than us. It all came down into our backyard. Neat. After putting in a ton of french drains, amending the soil and finding the right plants for the right spots, I think it's coming along. I lost a lot of plants in the first few years with our drainage issues. Some areas have hard pan like concrete, which is typical Northwest suburb soil, so some areas we had to build up or just leave bare and put a pot. The hill behind will be planted with evergreens here soon.
Still lots to do but my flowers are making me happy. I'll be working on some yard art and bird houses with my son this summer to add a little fun to it.

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