Saturday, June 15, 2013

Northwest Skies

When I was a kid we had a willow tree in the front yard of my childhood home. I would spend a lot of time under this willow in the summer time. I would read and nap or work on little crafty things ...and nap. My cat would usually hang out with me and chase bugs. I loved those days with no worries but what flavor popsicle I wanted or trying to stay awake reading my book. One of my favorite memories sitting under that willow tree was the sky. We were surrounded by pine trees so the contrast of the blue sky and the green of the trees was so beautiful. But the big puffy clouds were my favorite and I would sit for hours and stare at them. I was sitting outside in my own backyard and the look of the sky brought me right back to those peaceful lazy days. Great memories from the beautiful Northwest skies.

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