Thursday, January 10, 2013

out a Squirrel Thief.

I have a little thief that visits my little back yard. I'm amazed at his agility as he's able to climb that little bird pole in nothing flat. I was sure he was jumping from the tree to the feeder but no, I caught him the other day climbing right up that pole. Here is is hanging off the bird feeder and stealing the birds sunflower seeds.
Now, when I catch him stealing the bird food I throw some peanuts out there for him for distraction. When he hears me open the back door, instead of running away like he used to, he jumps in the tree and stays really still until I toss them and go back in the house. Then, when the coast is clear he grabs the peanuts and will bury them around the yard.
He's pretty cute.

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  1. Here's a confession. I like squirrels more than birds :). We actually have a squirrel feeder. They are such clever little beasties.


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