Friday, January 11, 2013

Have a laugh today...

I love to laugh and this guy brings tears to my eyes he's so funny! His name is Tim Hawkins and he's quite possibly the funniest comedian I've seen. Here he sings a song about yoga pants. I hope you enjoy your Friday and here's hoping this gives a good laugh to start your weekend. Enjoy!


  1. I love Tim Hawkins! He came to my church a year or two ago so we got to see him. I almost cried during his Chick-Fil-a song (because that is SO me.)

  2. LOL! I kid you not, every single time I watch him I laugh so hard I'm crying! He is by far the funniest comedian out there. Ahhh! you got to see him do his stuff in person? Lucky duck..;0) The Chick-fil-a song? LOLOLOLOL!!! I have so many favs the one we were watching last night was about the bad candy? LOL! Fun size candy..isn't fun size he wants a Snickaloaf! sooo funny


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