Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eggplant Parmesan

I had a Persian friend years ago that was a wonderful cook. He would regularly cook for all of his friends and we all loved it! One dish he made was so good I still remember it today and he used eggplant. Unfortunately, I had had a strange reaction to the eggplant so I wasn't able to partake in this delicious dish whenever he would make it.
It's been many years since then and I've stayed away from this beautiful fruit but have always been curious. Since there's a plethora of eggplant in the grocery stores and they're such beautiful little things, I wanted to try cooking with them and appease my curiosity once and for all. I certainly wasn't planning on eating much of it but since I've been trying to make more meatless main dishes I thought I would give these little beauty's a try. I had hoped it would be a success with my little family and it was! They liked it!

I found the recipe here....Eggplant Parmesan

It's very easy but a bit time consuming since you have to pre-bake the eggplant. I did use Panko bread crumbs along with the Italian as I like the texture and crunch. It was a good dish (the bite I had ;0)) and I'll make it again since the family liked it as well but on a smaller scale since I had the same reaction as years ago. But it's fun to cook with so what the heck!
Do you like eggplant? What dishes have you tried?
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  1. This looks beautiful, delicious and vegetarian! Whoo hoo! Thanks for sharing :).


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