Thursday, May 15, 2014

Going home..

My Mama is breaking out of this joint on Saturday and going home!

This is a nursing home/rehab facility she's been in for about a month after getting pretty sick.  Not sure if it will be a good thing or a bad thing, her going home, but I'm hoping for the best. My Mom has Congestive Heart Failure and dementia that is associated with the CHF.
Dementia sucks.
So does CHF.
 Some days are really good days though. She can remember lots of things. It's just the short term. Like real short short term she said two minutes ago short. That can be frustrating when you have to repeat things over and over to her like it's the first time you've said it. I have patience with her but the rest of my family gets pretty frustrated with her. Many years ago, I was a nursing assistant for around 6 years so  I have a bit of experience with this type of thing so I understand what's happening with her. I try to help out as much as I can. Since she's been at this facility, I've tried to visit as much as I can. I like to bring her a vanilla frappuccino with a scoop of protein in it. She loves those. She's been getting stronger and she's able to walk quite a bit and do many things that she couldn't do a month ago. I'm hoping for the best.

The weather has been beautiful this last week with temps in the high 70 to the mid 80's. This isn't typical weather for this area but I'll take it. The clouds have moved in today though with rain coming tonight.

My garden has been just beautiful!

It's not even in full bloom yet. This will be a really good bloom year, I think. 

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