Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crafty things...

 I joined a poppet swap on Craftster and I'm sooo excited for my partner to receive and then I get to post her. I've worked really hard on her and I think she's sooo pretty.  I tried a few new things that I haven't tried before and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I'll be sharing my progress and finished gal with you as soon as my partner receives.
 I changed my mind so many times with the theme for her gal, I now have supplies for several poppets I'll be making and sharing here in the next few weeks.

I also purchased a new camera that I've been playing with and hope to have some good pictures to share soon. Right now I'm trying to learn about my camera. What it can and can't or doesn't do well. We went to the aquarium last weekend and took some fun pictures..a lot of them didn't turn out. Practice practice.
here's some pictures from the aquarium...

this is an octopus...
and Nemo's butt~!

Also, for you Harry Potter fans..I just started the first book! So excited to read these.


  1. You have a salt water aquarium?!! :D

    We do too! Our Clown fish is named Krusty and it's a cranky little fella. LOL!

  2. Those pictures were actually taken at the Seattle aquarium. I've tried to do aquariums but I tend to kill them pretty quickly. How cool to have a salt water aquarium!

  3. I cant wait to see your poppet! :) Loving the pics too, I'm off to an aquarium with college soon, I'm really excited! :) x

  4. I'm really excited to post pictures of her. I worked really hard on it and I'm pretty proud. I tried some new things on her that I've never tried before. Not a big deal to most but to me? big. ;0) I lOOOOVE the aquarium! I wish more of my pictures turned out. I'm still trying to get used to my camera. I hope you post pics of your aquarium!


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