Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Belly Dancer Poppet..

So my partner received the poppet I made for her. Here she is.

Here's up close of the detail on her clothes.

This last picture, I wanted to show her undies. I made her pretty gold panties/thong! Since her skirt had a split clear up to her hip, she needed something to go under there so she wasn't showing her cha cha.

I worked really hard on her. I knew NOTHING about belly dancers or their clothing so I did some research. The clothes they wear a just beautiful, made to enhance the beauty and sensuality of the dance. Although, this poppet is far from sensual..LOL..I thought she was perrrty.
A couple things I tried that were new to me? This is the Eleanor poppet found on Craftster. She has boobies! I've tried sooo many times to make a poppet with boobies and I failed each and every time. With the advice from Puamelia on Craftster, this is the first one I was successful at. Also, I crocheted a cap of yarn to 'weft' the yarn into. I have very limited crochet experience. When I say limited I mean, I can make scarf. A wonky one, but understanding the directions. Nope. Puamelia sent me some awesome links on youtube to learn to crochet a cap. I did it, but don't look to close. ;0) This was a lot of fun! I think she turned out pretty nice,if I say so myself. ;0)


  1. She is beautiful Bird! I spent 4 yrs doing middle eastern dance and her outfit is awesome. :)

    ..and I think the world of Puamelia too. Her jewelry is amazing!

  2. Puamelia is hugely talented! This was a lot of fun and made me want to learn to belly dance. The authentic belly dancing clothes are just stunning.
    And, Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness! You are amazingly talented. She is beautiful! :) x


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