Friday, June 20, 2014

Roasted Veggies on Flat Bread with Avocado Sauce

 Are you digging in to all your summer vegetables? I know I am and lovin it! I love trolling around Trader Joe's and Whole Foods scooping up all the organic goodies I can find. This is my first summer as a vegetarian and experimenting with different vegetables has been a lot of fun and tasty. The vegetables are fresh and relatively inexpensive, so trying new things this summer is definitely on my list of to dos.

Look what I made last night.

Not kidding here kids. This was an explosion of flavors in my mouth and was really hard not to overeat and stuff my face full.
Not only were the flavors outstanding but it was soooo easy! The roasted vegetables really set it off and then adding the avocado sauce and the little bit of tang of the feta? Oh. My. GAH. Soooo flipping good.

Here's what I did and here's what ya'll need:
2 yellow squash or summer squash as some call it. Medium size.
2 medium sized zucchinis
1 medium sized Walla Walla onion.(You gotta find the Walla Walla. My grandad used to say you could eat them like an apple. They're a pretty sweet onion and when roasted the sweetness explodes. If you can't find Walla Wallas any ol onion will do.)
1 Red Pepper
2 medium sized carrots.
4 Tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Soft flat bread

I was going to grill these up on the BBQ, but I got real lazy so I put my veggies under the broiler. I cut up all the veggies lengthwise so when I put them in the flat bread, they didn't fall out on me. ( Nothing more frustrating when eating taco style.) I cut them around a 1/4 inch thick so they won't get mushy and fall apart under the broiler but get nice and roasted. I used two pans and loaded the veggies on and drizzled with the olive oil and sprinkled some salt and pepper, mixed them up with my hands to coat all the veggies with the oil and into the oven they went.
 I have my oven rack in the center of my oven. Broiling seems to roast and caramelize (is that the word for it?) the veggies better than baking them.  My veggies were nicely cooked and roasted after about 15 minutes or so. But I kept and eye on them so they wouldn't burn. I wanted them where they just started to turn brown. That's where alllll the flavor is in this dish. The roasted veggies.
Ohhhh so good.

Meanwhile while my veggies were roasting away I made my avocado sauce. Ok...who doesn't like avocado? I mean the texture alone gets me all lovin it. So anything that has avocado on it, I'm probably going to like. Make me a sauce? Love you forever.  Is that creepy? Maybe. A little. Anyway!

For the Avocado Sauce you need:
1 avocado
1 clove of garlic
1 shallot just a bit bigger than the garlic clove. You don't want too much
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt
1 cup water
Salt and pepper to taste.
Use a blender or a food processor and blend all that together until nice and creamy.( I tried real hard not to  sit down and eat it out of the bowl.) Salt and pepper that creamy goodness to taste. I like a lot of salt with my avocado. But that's just me.

Once my veggies were done I was off to the races piling it onto my flat bread that I warmed in the micro for a minute or so.
Piled it high, drizzled what was left of the avocado sauce, sprinkled some feta on that bad boy and stuffed my face.
The flavors of the roasted veggies, the creamy coolness of the avocado sauce and the tang of the feta all wrapped around with the soft flat bread? This is quite possibly my most favorite food combo evah!
It's so easy.
Healthy and filling.
Flavor explosive.
Yup, my kind of eating and cooking.
And, there's avocado on it.

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  1. This looks delicious! Another wonderful recipe. I am so jealous. We do not have a Trader Jos or Whole Foods close. We have a Fresh Market that is nice. I could walk around that store for hours. But it is over 45 minutes away. :( I have not heard of the avocado sauce. It sounds yummy. I love avacados with lots. of. salt. also. ;)
    Thanks for this post


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