Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My summer reading list

Do you have a summer reading list?  An "all year long" reading list? Stacks of books here and there and everywhere that you call your "list"?
That would be me. I have book stacks everywhere and since I read several books at a time, they're pretty much all over. Then, I have a Kindle too. Yup. Lots and Lots and LOTS of books on there. My summer reading is within my stacks. There was a time I was trying to declutter my books and find homes for them. (Get rid of the stacks) I realized that this is just part of who I am and I'll always be. A book stacker. No matter where I live, I will always have book stacks scattered around here and there.
 Embrace the stacks
Stacks. I'm not picky, I'll read anything. From Dragon Keepers to Depression cures to Creaky Knee hikes.

There was a time I had to finish a book, even if I didn't care for it or it bored me. I don't do that anymore. Lifes too short and there's too many really good books out there to waste my time on a bad read. Reading is one of my most favorite past times. Full times. Present times. Future times. Yeah. Getting lost in a good book is one of my most longed for experiences in life. When that happens, the world disappears, and you feel as if you're part of the story? Heaven. So I don't waste time on time wasters.

I love great writers. A writer that can take you on a journey that you'll not soon or ever, forget. Lots of authors out there. But a writer, one that can whisk you away on a fantastical journey can be a bit hard to find. At least, that's what I've found lately since everyone and their mother is writing a book. Doesn't make them a good writer just makes them an author of a book. Seems to be the new thing lately. If you have any type of celebrity, you write a book. It's a money making machine. I find it hard to find really good writers that write really good books. (Please...suggest some of your favorites. I would LOVE to know.)

Since my summer reading "lists" are my stacks that are random and forever change, I do have several that I intend to read this summer and books that I have read, that I felt were a lot of fun, and I want to share with you. I'll be sharing my reading this summer so hopefully you'll find a good book you'll want to grab and get lost in. I know everyone has different reading tastes so my likes might not be your likes and that's cool.
 We can all still be friends.

I'll be honest about the books I read and talk about here. If it's a waste of time? I let you know how I feel about it. If it's a great read, a lot of fun, and I recommend it? I let you know what I think. Some may agree. Some may not. I'm certainly not a book critic and I'm not being paid to do this, I'll just give my honest opinion on whether I think it's a great or not so great read and hopefully you'll find something that catches your eye and I'll take you on a fantastical journey!

So! I'll share a couple of books I've read the last couple of weeks and you can decide if they're for you.
Here's a couple I have read and enjoyed, maybe you will too.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (on my kindle)
I LOVE this book. She's incredibly inspiring, especially for someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit such as I. It would be a great read for a young women starting out in her career or her own business, that with hard work, determination and an attitude of not quitting, you'll be successful. I'd say it's a must read for any young woman. For this middle aged gal who is just now getting into #GIRLBOSS mode, since my young son is getting older and needing less and less of me, this SAHMom is needing to get out into the job force or start my own business. This book was just the book I needed. She really builds you up, in a realistic way, that you can do anything you want to do. With hard work. I related a lot to her so that may be why the book so resonated with me. Not only is she the CEO and owner of a company worth 100 million bucks (that part didn't resonate) but she's an inspiration and a great writer to boot. Well, worth the read. Well worth the purchase!

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
This is a super fun read! He's a pretty funny writer and can keep your attention in anticipation for what will happen next. He's a pastry chef turned cookbook author that moved to Paris to "start a new life". I'm about halfway done with this book and I'm loving it! You get some french recipes as well. Well worth the purchase.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner (kindle)
This is a young adult book. I actually LOVE young adult books. (But NOT Twilight. Yuck)
This book was...OK. It's about a kid who ends up in this maze with a bunch of other kids. Their memories are hazy so they don't know where they are or how they got there. These kids are trying to find a way out through this maze that has a  living area in the middle. There's huge stone doors, that open up to the maze, that are in the enormous walls that surround the living area. The doors open in the morning and close in the evening and the kids don't want to get caught outside the doors. They have runners running throughout the maze to try and find a way out but have to get back before the doors close.
It was pretty suspenseful at times but had some times in the book that seemed to drag on and times where you just want the author to get to the point. But overall, it was like a good show on tv that you watch and then forget. It was entertaining but not can't-put-it-down-can't-wait-to-get-back-to-it kinda book. I've read some young adult can't puter downers. This one? Not so much, but you may not agree. Young adults would probably think differently. There's a cute little romance, maybe, going on.
I did purchase the next book in the series since the ending caught me up into the storyline enough to want to know what happens next, but it you want to read it? Get it from the library.

Notes from a Blue Bike: the Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider (Kindle)
It was OK. I love her blog but I was a tiny bit disappointed in the book. She writes a lot about simplicity with a young family and since my kid is 14 and I don't have littles around,  I skipped over a bunch. A lot of it's common sense. I enjoyed the writing aspect of it (she writes a good story) and she has some good points but I felt she was strongly opinionated in a lot of areas that I didn't quite agree with so the book seemed a bit preachy. I felt as if I was being preached at. It was ok though. I finished it.  It's another library read too.

There's a few that I've read recently and maybe one that sparks your interest.
Until next time get your nose in a book. It's good for your brain.
Let me know your favorite authors and best reads!


  1. Great post. I love to read. Love. It. In fact I have mentioned so many times on my blog, my husband says that I am fidgety when I do not have a book in my hands. I just finished The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd last night. So good. I am strange though, because I like to read so much, I do not want to know anything about a book I want to read. I just want to know if people liked it. I think that is why I liked the book I just finished. I had no idea what to expect just that it was good. I do not buy books, I get mine from my nook, through the library, or Good Will. I'm cheap! I love Barnes and Noble stores. I like just to go in and sit. It is so relaxing. But of course I can not do that living in the middle of nowhere, my Barnes and Noble is almost an hour away. Sobs uncontrollably, :) I will have to check out those books.

    1. Hey Kathy! I just purchased the Invention of Wings after your suggestion and I'm excited to begin. It's sounds like a very interesting book. I get a lot of books on my Kindle for cheap. For me, it's such a love to read if I find something I really want to read and I've heard good reviews. I'll buy it. It's worth it to me. I've had some head slaps that I thought "ugh! that was a waste of money!". You can find a TON of books at the second hand store! A ton or really good books but I've noticed their prices are starting to compete with stores like Half Price books and you'll pay for it. Library is one of my most favorite places. I love to go to Barnes and Noble as well to go find books I can find cheaper on Amazon. I love Amazon. I can borrow from Amazon as well, like a library, new books. That's pretty fun!
      Man, it must be hard living in the middle of nowhere. I'm an introvert through and through but I'm not sure how well I'd like being that far out. But then again..;0) I am a bit spoiled with suburban living with a Starbucks at every corner and book store or library 2 to 3 miles from my home. But I bet you can't beat the quiet and getting out of the rat race.

    2. Oh Meredith, if only. I live in a railroad town. So all you hear all day long is loooouuuudddd train whistles, all hours of the day. And this is the biggest small town around so everyone comes here to shop. And I don't go to the stores on the first of the month, way too busy. Plus, I have anxiety so I go to store very early or very late. Do you feel sorry for me yet!!!! LOL I have heard of second hand book stores, will have to look for those.


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