Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to do..what to do....

I had a dilemma today. My son's birthday party was on Saturday and I'd made a five layer chocolate cake, which was delish but I had all this leftover frosting that I didn't want to throw away. I put it in a container on the counter, which makes such a huge temptation for those trying to eat better. I did well today but had a chocolate craving...so what does one do with this?

This. Chocolate craving satisfied.

My mom used to put graham crackers and frosting in our lunch growing up. Not only was my chocolate craving satisfied I was able to have a bit of childhood nostalgia thrown in as well. Calories still stay the same though...;0/


  1. I have no graham crackers...boo hoo:( Ice cream would be good too:)

  2. I was thinking of putting some little marshmallows in there too? ohhh ice cream...yummmm! I'm on a sugar high now..EEK!

  3. I used to do this exact same thing!! Now I wish I had some frosting in the fridge and grahams in the cabinet. What a yummy treat.


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