Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch..

The holiday's are starting! I love the Holiday's. Last year wasn't so good, for many reasons. This year? I'll be making up for that.

Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. Dr. Maze's Pumpkin Patch to be specific. It's a really neat farm and the corn maze was really fun. We picked this farm because Dr. Maze uses organic methods to grow their goodies. He also grows lavender that he makes soap and other good things with. It feels good to support a farmer who wants to farm organically.

Here we are in the maze. The corn wasn't very high. Dr. Maze said that since we had a cooler summer, not a lot of rain, combined with no pesticide use the corn didn't get very high. It's interesting to see how things grow in their natural state. Makes one wonder what kind of stuff they put on and in our food to make such beautiful tall crops I've seen. Hmmm. I think I'd rather have my food not so pretty and clean than have my food pretty and dirty...if ya know what I mean?

Here's Dr. Maze himself taking us on a farm tour.

We went by an apple orchard FULL of apples.... the apple farmer grew an apple in a wine bottle which I thought was interesting...

do you see the apple in the bottle? Eh..I didn't either.

I thought this was a neat looking squash...all..warty.

We had a great time! I would encourage everyone to support your local farmers!

Finished my son's costume yesterday as well..
He's a Jawa from Star Wars (he's in mid sneeze in this picture but it was the best one I had)...I wasn't sure how to do this and made it up as I went along. I told my boy that I'll do my best but..I don't know. He says.."I can't go to school without a costume! All my friends will be dressed up and I'll feel weird."....(24 hours later, just 15 minutes after I've finished his costume) "I don't think I want to wear it to school...I think I'll be too uncomfortable." "wha what?" .....he wore it today.


  1. Such pretty pictures! Those pumpkins are all so interesting looking.

    We went to Bob's corn maze this year. We'll have to check out Mr Maze next year!

  2. We really enjoyed it..I'd definitely recommend it. ;0)


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