Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog win! *apology..;0)*

So sorry, I've been away and have not posted in a long while. Unfortunately, I have some health issues that preoccupy my time in the worst way. I seem to be coming out of it soooo YAY! I'll be posting more crafty projects since the crafty season is upon us! Glitter, ghouls, ghosties,pumpkins and lighted things! I love this time of year!

I also wanted to apologize to the wonderful LimeRiot. I won her blog giveaway and have not thanked her on my blog yet. I want to show you the wonderful things I won!
A wonderful hoopla! I love her crafty goodness and now I have something to start my hoopla wall.

I want to make that scarf.
I don't win this was such a great surprise from such a neato gal and a really fun blog. Go for a visit! -----> LimeRiot

Anyhoo! I have lots of things planned and hoping to post...I've been working on a mini poppet. I love all things little and this little sprite will be a thinks.
I have some beads and bobble findings I'll be doing something with and I'm going to try my hand at felt hooplas using the supplies I received from LimeRiot. And of course...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas crafting....gliiiiitttttter. ;0)
Stay tuned!


  1. Yay! You're back! I missed your postings! :) Congrats on your win, I love the hoop! I hope you are feeling better now?
    Berol xx

  2. I am feeling much better..thank you Berol!

  3. I was so happy to send all those goodies up the street to you! I'm thrilled that you like the package!!

    I hope you're feeling better soon. Take care!


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