Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The Hubs decided to take a couple of vacation days off from work so we decided to go somewhere to hike. I love Snoqualmie Falls and the hike down to the bottom of the falls is a real easy one and quite beautiful. So..that's where we went!
The falls were running full and it was just beautiful. As you walk up to them, before you see them, you can hear the rumble and almost feel it under your feet. It was a spectacular site. I've been there when the falls have been just a trickle so this was a wonderful site to see.
Unfortunately, the hike down to the bottom was closed. That was a disappointment but we found another place to hike around. They had a place, a short walk east of the of the falls, that had some great trails.
Got a few mosquito bites. That's always fun.
That's my Chelsea..loving the wilderness. Probably loving the horsey smell she picked up even more. :0)
Mah boy. He wasn't as thrilled about our jaunt. About 5 minutes after this picture was taken he ran up ahead to find my Hubs..(he's always in a big hurry. Me? Quite the opposite, so if anyone ever hikes with me, you don't get there fast ;0)) anyhoots! He ran up ahead, tripped on a rock and twisted his ankle. Poor kid. He was able to walk out but now he's on the couch with his foot in the air and milking it for all it's worth.
It was a beautiful day though!
A last picture of my hydrangeas. I love my hydrangeas. We put a screen up since the hot sun was burning my flowers. Put it in the wrong spot years ago. They need least this particular variety does. It's sooo much happier now. And so am I.


  1. I'm a hydrangea fan too! There's a house around the corner from me that has purple hydrangeas. I know the color difference is the soil so I just secretly wish I could go cut myself a bouquet of them. ;)

  2. T..they're one of my most favorite. This particular bush had really tiny flowers last year and the sun just scorched the flowers. Fertilized better and added a screen and it's just beautiful. Love the purple ones! If you were closer to could cut some from mine. ;0)

  3. I'm so envious!! Your photos are beautiful. It looks like a great little day trip. Jake and I really need to get over there sometime this summer.

    Aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful place? :)

  4. Indeed! You can't beat Washington...seriously the most beautiful place to live. Oh! and if you and your hubby want to go to the falls, the hike down to the lower 'park' will be closed until 2013. ;0( Still beautiful though!

  5. Ohh that place looks lovely! I hope the little guys ankle is better now? Chelsea is super cute!! :)


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