Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft Slump and Butterflies..

Oh dear...I've been pretty melancholy lately. That's kind of an oxymoron..pretty and melancholy..LOL ;0) Anyhoots, been blah. The worst of it is that I've been in a real craft slump. Part of it, I'm sure, is my stuff packed away while we're finishing my sons room. Once I have access to it all my slump will be over...I hope.
I enjoy making dolls. One of my favorite things to do and something I think I'm good at. I've been sooo inspired by the dolls on Craftster. SpookyPooky is one of my favorite artists on Craftster. I love her dolls and all the other things that she makes. lazy.jane is another doll artist that I love. And! lanikins who is AMAZING!! They're so inspiring. Being in a slump kinda sucks but when you have Craftster and those wonderful artists to inspire you...keeps ya going.

We did make a trip to the Pacific Science Center this past weekend. My son and I did it as a reward for "unplugging" from all technological devices for three days. NO TV, video games, computer (ACK!)..nothing. Unfortunately,our lives seem to revolve around those few things. I didn't think we could do it. But, I'll tell you... We had a great time! Not one argument. We played together a ton. Enjoyed each others company. We loved it! No zoning out and not really living. No living in a virtual reality. It's a little sad how these things have taken over our lives. But since these wonderful three days, we're putting up some really healthy boundaries concerning these things. WE want to live in our lives not live in a virtual reality. Nuf said.
The Pacific Science Center is pretty fun. One of the most exciting (to me and my boy) is the butterfly exhibit. Hundreds of beautiful butterflies fly around in a little tropical area. It was warm and smelled just like Hawaii! Butterflies are hard to photograph but I did get a few..

Oh wait! That's not a Butterfly.


  1. Oh! We were at the science center last weekend too!! We also enjoyed the butterflies but I think the naked mole rats were my favorite :).

  2. Wow I totally miss the science center lol, and it never really changes that much. I loved hearing about your trip!

  3. Lime..did you see the naked mole rats that were laying on their back kinda LOL! my son goes.."I think they're dead Mom..." Until they! They sleep like that! Too funny..

    QuirkieCraft..You lived here? Yeah.. It IS just the same in a comforting sort of way. We had a lot of fun. It was a really fun family day. ;0)

  4. I love your idea of 'unplugging' I may have to do that before I start uni, just to wind down a bit and appreciate nature :)

  5. Yes! Born and raised in Seattle and Greater Seattle area =) I moved out to Michigan for a boy lol. But I'm still here so something worked out right.

    Is the bike with the weight on the bottom still in use? I don't think I ever got brave enough to actually ride it.

    And my fave of the place was the dinosaur exhibit....and the tide pool display =)

  6. OH yes! the bike is still son wanted to ride it but he's a skinny little thing and you have to be a hundred pounds. He was sad. They drained all the water out of the pools where you can shoot the water guns..that was kind of a bummer. I LOVE the dinosaurs!

    Do you ever get back to visit? I would love to move somewhere that has more sun..but I think I would be so homesick for Washington..I would come back real fast.

  7. Why'd they drain out the water? Are they going to put it back eventually? That courtyard area is pretty awesome too..

    I'm back in town to visit at least once a year to see my folks and friends. It's dictated by school, work, and the amount of money I have as usual. But I hope to be back permanently some day =)


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