Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm still here!

It's a funny thing. Several months ago, I posted a new thread on Craftster curious about those individuals with blogs that want people to come and visit but they don't visit themselves. I had not started a blog yet so I was clueless...I do have to say.. Shame on me. I have been AWOL! It's a lot harder than I thought! So sorry...We've been building a room upstairs for my son, that was actually my craft room, but looked like a loft. We'll be moving my craft stuff into the room he's in now when we're done. So all my stuff is shoved into plastic bins. Soooo unorganized. Oh how I don't like that. I have a ton of projects I'm wanting to do but I'm waiting to get my stuff sorted out. I've not done any crafting except for some swaps I've been in. It was a bit overwhelming for me since all my stuff is so disorganized and trying to find things for what I'm making was frustrating. The swaps keep me crafting though!! Although, I'm having to dig and dig to find what I need. It'll be nice to have my room set up again. I'll make sure and share what it looks like. ;0)

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