Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ocean Camping..

Yes indeed. I went camping. I'm not the best camper in the world. I mean, I have a great time when I'm there but sleeping in the damp and the cold is not what I like to do. I had a great time though because I LOVE the ocean and the company we had was great. Unfortunately, the only full day we had there was overcast and a bit chilly while the days before and the day we left were warm and beautiful. That's the chance you take when you live in the Northwest. You never know, REALLY, what your going to get. Especially, at the ocean.

We went with a real good friend from our church and his kids. He's a single Dad with six kidlets. He's one of the best Dads I know and his kids are so much fun to be with. We all had a great time, even if the weather was a little uncooperative.

Here's my hubs with the pups.Tucker, the cocker spaniel NEVER relaxed. He was a nervous wreck the whole trip. Which makes Momma a nervous wreck. Chelsea was in her element. She loved it.
My sweet Honey Bunches of Oats. He's so sweet, I love my little man.
Here they are trying to figure out how to hydroplane the little boogie board
Trying to dig to the other side of the world.
Pretty trees.
The trail leading to the ocean from our camp site.

Even though it rained and the clouds refused to budge we had a wonderful time with our friends. We're grabbing those sites again for next year!


  1. Looks like a great trip!

    I'm always a wreck when our dogs are nervous on trips too.


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