Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've been busy...busy..busy lately! We finally have summer here in Seattle and it's been soooo beautiful! We've had a pretty cold and cloudy June, July and part of August so this has been wonderful. BUT! What did I do today? Stayed inside and cooked. AND! worked on a crafty project from TroubleT blog..The Trouble with Crafting I'm hoping this little ornament will turn out as I'm doing something totally different. Trying to de-stash. I don't have some of the materials so I'm trying something different. Stay tuned..;0)

Anyhoots...on to what I cooked today. They had a Ghost Hunters Marathon on so it was a perfect day to stay inside and cook ( I LURRVE GH)..I know weird cause it's so nice outside but it's a GH marathon!.

First up! Banana bread. Now... Banana bread and I have issues with each other. I have never been able to NOT burn it. Seriously, every time I've made it..I've burned it. That makes me want to get it right even more...I'm not competitive...I'm really not..;0)

BY GEORGE IT WORKED!!! I got the recipe here..Banana Bread
One of my most favorite things is banana bread so burning it every time was a huge frustration. I followed the recipe to the T. It's moist and delicious. (the little brown on the bottom of the loaf in the picture LOOKS like it burned a bit but it tasted great!) Makes me happy.
While that was cooking I made potato salad. I've never made potato salad before. This last month I've been on a hard boiled egg kick and what better pairing than potatoes and eggs. This worked out really well...kinda made it up as I went along.

I was trying to get a pretty picture of this pile of eggy potatoey goodness and my husband said.."I don't think you can get a pretty picture of potato salad..can you?" HA! I laughed..I can't..maybe someone else can. It was delish!
My recipe..
6 potato boiled for about 15 to 18 want them tender not mushy smashed like.
8 hard boiled eggs
3/4 cup mayo
3/4 miracle whip
about a 1/4 cup yellow mustard
1/4 cup stone ground mustard
one small onion chopped
About two Tablespoons relish
salt and pepper to taste

I peeled and cubed the potatoes and my son helped me smoosh the eggs and added them to the potato pile. The rest of the ingredients I piled on top of everything and mixed it all together.
It turned out really good! It made a lot though so the three of us will be eating potato salad for the next several days. ;0)


  1. That bread is making my mouth water! haha! Well done on conquering your bread nemesis!! :) Great new layout by the way, I love it, so fresh! :) Berol x

  2. I cannot tell you how many loafs of banana bread I have thrown out because I burned it. LOL! I was wondering what ya'll would think about the new layout...I'm glad you like it! ;0)


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